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Review the Video of Msroshposh's Wig Install

Review the Video of Msroshposh's Wig Install

Today, Let's review Msroshposh's wig install video. 

First of all, the Youtuber showed the effect of wearing a natural black straight wig, we can see that the hair is very soft. The hair quality of this wig is very good. Then she lowered her head and showed the effect of the hairline from different angles such as the front and the side, which is a magical wig. We can see that the lace is completely melted into the skin, and it is difficult to recognize that this is a wig. Such a natural effect, it is a magic hairline.



Then the Youtuber started to introduce that this is a 5*5 lace frontal body wave LUVME wig. She first showed the box, which is a purple box with a bow. The design of the box is very beautiful and very high-end. She said that 5*5 lace frontal wigs are very suitable for beginners because the price is not too expensive.

At this time, she lowered her head to show the effect of lace. We can see that the floating button technology of this wig is not particularly good. We can still see very clear black knots. At the same time, the pre-plucked technology of this wig is not very good. No excessive hairline will make the whole hairline very obtrusive. But this lace melts into the skin so well that we can hardly even spot the lace, it just disappears.


Now bloggers are starting to bleach hair knots with bleach powder. She adjusted the cream she used for bleach and applied it to the knots. After waiting 20 minutes, she washed her hair. Now she put the wig on the holder and started pre-plucked. Because the pre-plucked effect of the wig was terrible, she said she took 5 minutes to pluck the wig.

 Then she put on the wig and we can see that the effect was very good, but the hairline was still not very natural, so she pulled out some more hair. Then she applied glue to the hairline and started gluing the wig on. Then she cut off the excess lace and began to adjust her hairline. We can see here that the lace seems to be completely gone at this time, which is a great technology. Then he smoothed the top hair with some mousse and pressed the lace with a bandage on the hairline to make the lace fit the skin better.


Then she took off the bandage and combed her hair with a hot comb. At this time, the texture of her hair was already very good. All the hair is like a shiny black pearl. She used a small comb to remove a small section of hair, straightened the section with a hot comb, then cut the bottom hair and made a baby hair. She then straightened her hair with a clipper and trimmed parts of her hair with scissors to give it a more natural look. At this point, the installation of the wig is over. This is a perfect mid-cut hairstyle.


Then she did another slightly off-cut, and we can see that this wig also has a great off-cut. Although this can't do a normal partial division like a 13*6 lace frontal wig, this slight partial division is also very suitable for her. At the same time, because the price of 5*5 lace frontal wigs is much lower than that of 13*6 lace frontal wigs, this is also a very competitive product in the market.

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