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Wig Design Customization

In the past two decades, we have helped tens of thousands of people find satisfactory hairstyles with a more professional and attentive attitude, and have become the favor of many fashion groups

One year, Malinda was driven by curiosity and entered the beauty industry. The show was responsible for makeup and styling, and was well received by partners... Later, he got involved in the hairdressing industry. With his keen thinking, rich experience, and unique understanding of aesthetics, he quickly won the favor of many fashionable men and women.

Malinda has been working in professional salons, from stylist to brand founder, constantly self-improving... I have traveled to Europe and the United States for further studies... I often exchange experiences with industry masters, ponder over and over again, practice continuously, and have a deeper understanding of hair design The essence of it, Malinda advocates a philosophy when designing hairstyles - natural, comfortable and simple (the hairstyle can be guaranteed to be beautiful and easy to take care of), and believes that this is the key to successful hair design, Malinda said: "I don't want to People worry about their hair all day long."

Malinda is a person who does not play cards according to the rules. He doesn't like to be restricted by rules and regulations. Not only is the design idea a bit different, but he often comes up with some strange tricks in actual operation. There is absolutely no fixed pattern in the design style. So don't worry about your hairstyle being the same again.

Malinda summed up her hairstyling experience:

The most valuable thing in hair design is the idea; based on the trimming structure, perm + color matching as the auxiliary.

Hair design involves many factors, not only to understand its own characteristics and the feasibility of accommodating fashion, but also to attach great importance to its particularity, such as face shape, body shape, skin color, occupational characteristics, lifestyle, etc. Appropriate hairstyle.

If you have a favorite hairstyle, please contact us to customize it for you;
If you have something you like and are worried about flaws after wearing it, please contact us;
If you have a favorite hairstyle and are worried about the poor quality, please contact us;
Whether it is the color of the wig, the curvature of the wig, the density of the wig, the feel of the wig, the lace of the wig, etc.
We will give you the most professional and pertinent advice according to your requirements, and customize a unique hairstyle for your face shape.

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