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Review the Video of Kennedy Cymone Ash Blond Wig Install

Review the Video of Kennedy Cymone Ash Blond Wig Install

Today, Lets do a review on Kennedy Cymone ash blond wig install video.

First of all, the Youtuber showed the effect of wearing the honey-blond body wave wig. There are the switches between the close-up view and the long-range view. She matched different styles and colors of clothes. This allows the audience to fully understand the characteristics of this wig in terms of wearing. From here, we can see that this Youtuber's photography is very professional, so let's see if this Youtuber's ability to take care of wigs is also so outstanding.


At this time, the camera switched to a close-up shot, and the blogger changed to ash-blond straight hair, matched with a gray sports top, and the picture looked very harmonious. She put her hand behind her hair and patted it lightly. From here we can see that this wig is very soft and silky. I have to say, the hair quality of this wig is really good.


First, she put the red box in her hand and showed it. Compared with other brands, I personally think this box is not refined enough. The color of the box is pretty generic, and I think the brand should make some changes on that. She started stroking her hair constantly. She said: "I'm sorry I've been touching my hair all the time, but it's just so soft and the texture of this hair has me addicted."


Now she starts showing the gifts that come with the box. There are eyelashes, a comb, and a necklace from the brand. First, she applied foundation to her headgear to adjust the color of the top of her head. Then she showed the light-transmitting effect of lace, which is very good. Then she turned the lace over to show the lace lining and introduced that it was a 13*6 lace hair set, and the color was ash blonde.


Then she took part of her hairline and showed it in front of the camera. We can clearly see that the floating buckle of this lace is very good, and the color of the hair knot can hardly be seen. She said it was a bleach knot he made himself yesterday and left to dry overnight. But this wig does not have a very good hairline, it is simply pre-pulled. This makes the wig not have a very natural hairline after wearing it.


Then after she put on the wig, she started trimming the excess lace. Then she applied glue along the hairline, smoothed the glue with a spatula, and put on the wig. Then she combed her hair back with a comb, and here we can see that the hair is very silky, like silk, and the texture is very good.


Then she removed the excess lace in the front. We can see that the effect of lace blending into the skin is still very good at this step. It was almost impossible to tell that it was a wig, which really shocked me, and then she taped the straps around the hairline to make the wig more sticky. Then the blogger started smearing cream on the wig. After she spread it evenly with her hands, she said the cream was a pure plant formula and it smelled really good. She waited about ten minutes, towel-dried her hair, and then blow-dried her hair. Here we can see that the hair has become very silky. Then she started combing her hair with a hot comb. She says it makes hair smoother.


Then she used tweezers to pull out a part of the wig around the hairline, which would make the hairline of the wig more natural. She used a small comb to remove a small section of hair, straightened the section with a hot comb, then cut the bottom hair and made baby hair. She then straightened her hair with a clipper and trimmed parts of her hair with scissors to give it a more natural look. Here the wig wearing is over. This is indeed a very good wig. If the hairline can be made more natural, I believe this will be a five-star product.

Credit to Kennedy Cymone

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