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How to avoid damaging with your lace wig?

How to avoid damaging with your lace wig?

    When you put on a new wig for the first time, you will feel happy and excited. The second or even third time, you will feel happy too. But if you wear the wig more often, you may find that you are not so happy. Because you will find that the lace is broken, or have holes, even directly broken into pieces. At this time, You have to buy a new wig, and you may regret that why you are not protect them well. But if you read this article, you will understand how to protect your lace well.There are two points you need to avoid.

Point 1: Do not Scrub too hard when you wash Them

    When you clean the lace you can use warm to hot water with the washcloth and repeatedly just rub in the upward motion,do not to get the glue off the lace. You know, being not too rough because you don't want to tear the lace. And then go in with your shampoos, which you purchased them at the dollar store or shopping mall. However, as a suggestion, hopefully you can buy specialized shampoo products for cleaning wigs. Because poor shampoos will shorten the life of your wigs and even damage the lace. After you washed the wig off with warm water, go to a tub of hot water. Then add conditioner and let the wig soak for about ten minutes before taking it out. The conditioner will make your wig looks softer and completely back to life the moisture. If possible, you can also add hair softener. This will good for your wigs.


    The last step is that you need to use a hair dryer to dry the wig from the inside to outside, and then air dry the wig naturally. It is worth noting that when blowing your hair, please do not blow your hair backwards, it should blow in the direction of your hair. Once it's air-dried, you can put the wig on and curl your wig up beautifully with a curling iron.


Point 2: Do not drag them Directly when you take off Them

    When you need to take off the wig, you might think you can just take off them directly. But this can damage your lace because you may accidentally make the lece broken. Lace are very clear, you need to be carefully. It is important to know how to safely remove your wig.


     You know without you yanking off your edges none of that stuff styling gel on your hair.The styling gel will make the bond between your lace and wig cap , and all you really need is water. If you pull the wig hard enough, you can actually remove the wig but we do not recommend that at all. Because that will just yank off your edges and you don't want that. So you can spray directly on the perimeter of the lace front., and this is just water. By the way, only water and no need other additive. You can use fingers to sort of massage, make the water into the lace. You need to make fingers to rub the wig several times and everywhere. When you feel the wig can be took off from the cap, you can drag them lightly. But there's still some more gel on your hair,you can wash off them with water.


  I hope that after reading this article, you will have an understanding of how to avoid damaging your wig lace. If you want to know more, please follow us. We will update at any time and provide you with the most professional introduction to wigs.
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