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Why do you need a pixie cut bob wig?

Why do you need a pixie cut bob wig?

What is Pixie Cut?

The pixie cut was officially popular in 1957. The pixie style ranged from about half an inch to 8 inches. The pixie cut was a hairstyle that was short on the back, sides, and bang area, while the top length could reach 8inch. Bold and confident, Pixie styles are suitable for women of all ages.

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How to know if a pixie is right for your hairstyle?

Like most hairstyles, pixie cuts look best on certain face shapes—squares, ovals, and hearts are the most important. That's because the look both accentuates the eyes and draws attention to the forehead. For this reason, a pixie cut may not be the best hairstyle for you if you're a naturally self-conscious person.

There are many reasons why a pixie cut is good for natural hair (it's low maintenance, you can try a strong hair dye, you can use it to grow a relaxer, it's a stylish way to repair hair damage, etc.) But if you don't want to With such an extreme move to your hair, then the perfect option is to invest in a pixie wig.

There are many cut hairstyles for the pixie, and you can also operate it yourself to create a hairstyle that suits you with styling cream.

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Benefits of Human Hair Pixie Cut Wigs

The good thing about buying a human hair pixie wig is that because it's made from "real" hair, you'll get the advantage of a wig that looks and feels natural, moves naturally, and is very lightweight.

Remember, for your wig to look natural, the hair at the nape should lie flat. To do this, 1) your wig needs to fit your face shape, and 2) you may need to choose a wig that fits your length.

Pixie wigs are short, feminine, and sexy, and offer a surprising variety of styling options. From messy boy cuts and stylish layered cuts to sleek face-framing looks, our selection of pixie cut wigs has the perfect look for every woman. Simple shape, comfortable hat construction, and today's look.

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Pixie Cut Wigs for Cancer Patients

For cancer patients, hair loss is usually temporary. As soon as chemotherapy is over, the hair starts to grow back. This can mean your hair goes through some awkward stages. Every woman goes through a phase where her hair is very short - more comfortable than most women wear without some kind of head covering. Pixie Cut Wigs to the Rescue! Pixies are not only cute, but they are the perfect transitional hairstyle. When those prickly hairs start to appear (even during treatment), put on your pixie wig. When your hair is long enough, get yourself a pixie cut at your favorite salon, remove the wig, and no one will know the difference! It looks as if it has been your hair all along. The pixie cut is the ideal first hairstyle when your hair grows back.

How to Care for a Pixie Wig

In terms of maintenance, pixie wigs are not much different from any other kind of human hair or synthetic wigs. To learn more about caring for pixie wigs, visit our Human Hair Wig Care Guide.
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