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What's bionic natural hairline?

      The bionic hairline adopts bionic technology. Scientists have collected thousands of young girls' hairline sample models, and finally generated the template of this hairline through artificial intelligence technology. This is no longer an ordinary pre-plucked technique, this is a template based on a real mannequin. It completely simulates the growth of the human hairline during adolescence, which makes the hairline more realistic and natural, because it is exactly the same as the real hairline of most girls in the experimental sample. This makes your hairline look more natural, as if it just grew out of your skin. So we named it bionic hairline.


     Compared with traditional pre-plucked, the simulation of bionic hairline is higher. The traditional pre-plucked will only pull out part of the hair within 1 cm range of the originally hairline, but the technique of bionic the hairline is to have a hairline transition area of ​​about 3 cm. And the bionic hairline is not a casual pre-plucked, but looks like a heart-shaped as the real hairline.
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