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What are the materials of the wig

What are the materials of the wig

What are the materials of the wig?

Divided into chemical fiber wigs and real wigs. The chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity, itching feeling after wearing, and it is easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the setting effect is long-lasting; the wig made of real human hair is made of pure human hair that has been processed. The qualitative effect is not very good.

Introduction of wigs

1. Different production methods
Divided into woven hair and hand hooked hair. Woven hair is made by machines. Generally produced in batches, the price is low, but the authenticity is not ideal, it is heavy, and the air permeability is poor, which is easy to block the hair follicles and easy to knot. The hand hook is made of pure hand hook, with high fidelity, good air permeability, comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.
2. Different craftsmanship
In terms of craftsmanship: full hand-woven, full mechanism hair cover, half mechanism hair cover, full lace hair cover, Jewish wig, front lace hair cover, hair block, lace wig.

How to maintain a wig?

When the hair is knotted or curled, please do not pull or comb it too hard, but comb it slowly and carefully. Using a special non-oily maintenance solution for wigs can make the wig more shiny and bright, and can prevent static electricity and keep the wig in a moist state. The wig should not be dyed, permed, or blown, and do not use an electric curler, otherwise the wig will be damaged. You can ask a professional stylist to trim your hair.

What to do if the wig is messed up

If it is not very messy, you can use hair conditioner or the like with a steel comb to comb through, and the wig will be more lubricated with conditioner, and then straighten it out according to the degree of curl. If it is already very messy, then you have to wash it again, just wash your hair as you usually wash your hair, but be sure to put conditioner or conditioner. Don't use too much force when washing, just knead out the foam. After washing, put it on a flat special drying net to dry. After drying, you can apply the styling product according to the shape.
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