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Summary of the biggest hair color trends for summer 2022

Summary of the biggest hair color trends for summer 2022

The market in 2022 is full of lace styles of various brands, including Nano Lace, Clear Lace, Crystal Lace, HD Lace, etc. Many internet celebrities are also vigorously promoting them, and various product reviews are spread on youtube and Instagram. Color is always the attraction of wigs, different colors represent different moods, different colors represent different connotations, and different colors match different clothes. The trend of wig color is summarized every year, and the summer wig trends for 2022 are analyzed by malindahair from the factory's point of view.

This summer, in particular, there is a trendy hair color for every possible style and aesthetic. A far cry from the cookie-cutter Honey blonde highlights of the past, summer 2022 is both about beautifying what you already have and embracing jaw-dropping transformation.

Classic colors are always there, such as natural, 613 Blonde, and burgundy colors, these colors can be suitable for different occasions, classic versatile colors. This summer there are a lot of hot colors, very fashionable. It brings a different mood after wearing it. The following will summarize the popular wig colors for this summer in 2022:

Ginger orange 613 blonde color wig

Ginger orange 613 blonde color wig

Have you noticed that more and more former blond celebrities are going back to their roots lately? It can be attributed to the variability of 613blonde color. The hair of various colors that we often see is derived from the color of 613 blondes. For Ginger orange 613 blonde color wig, this color can greatly improve the gloss of the face and is full of It adds vibrancy and glamour, and it's so versatile that it doesn't require a lot of maintenance for a full blonde look.

highlight ombre 613 blonde wig

Highlight Ombre 613 Blonde Wig

 This is the combination of two classic colors, which shows the solemnity of natural colors and the brilliance of 613 blondes. While it does require more maintenance than other shades with more contrast in color, it's not as harsh as a true bright blonde.
Overall, it creates an expensive feel, Kandasamy said. He sketched shades like leather brown (a warm, rusted brunette), mushroom brown (a paler, grayer shade), and warm copper maroon, all of which are only expected to arrive in summer 2022 Dominate some trendy brunette colors. "Summertime beauty is effortless," she says, noting that "light but buttery sun-kissed shades of yellow" are an effortless, natural way to embrace the sun.

grey lace front wig malindahair

Grey Blonde Hair Wig

More important in summer than anyone's unique colors are the highlights and their brightening, spotlight-like effect on every shadow, length, and texture. But technology can even make a bigger difference than great color.
This color of grey blonde contains all the highlights of wigs, low-key and unrestrained, dark and lustrous, stable and impulsive, there are too many adjectives to describe. "Not only does it act as an illuminating halo, but it also gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair," says Rick, Malinda hair's top designer.

 ombre 27 30 lace front wig

Ombre 27 30 Color Hair Wig

Noble color matching, the easiest way is to add highlights on the facial hairline and crown - it does make a huge difference without doing too much, this product is all about the feeling of nobility. The prominent, contrasting highlights chosen to beautify the base hair color are also important now. That's why this product is so popular

How to choose your color this summer
Once you've settled on the perfect summer hair color -- whether it's a big departure from your spring look or a slight deviation -- all that's left to do is to let the hair do its best.

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