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Review the Video of Arnellarmon Wig Install

Review the Video of Arnellarmon Wig Install

Today, let's review the video of Arnellarmon promoting Hairvivi.

It was her first time working with Hairvivi and she started showing their boxes and talking about pre-plucking techniques. At the same time, she also introduced the various small gifts in the box. The gift in this box has two more clips than other brands. And there is also an introductory note in the box to introduce the technology on this wig to customers. Pre-plucked hairline, pre-bleached knots, clean bleached frontal. Wigs come in plastic bags, as most brands do. After the YouTuber took out her hair, she put his hand under the lace. We can see from the screen that the lace was almost completely integrated into the YouTuber's skin.

the inner of lace frontal wig

After the YouTuber turned the headgear over, she introduced the inner lining to the audience. She pointed out that she wouldn't use the clips on the sides because the glue she used was very strong, but she was surprised by the clips on the back. Because compared to other brands, the length of the clip at the back is twice as long as other brands, which makes this hair cover more solid. She said she liked the clip very much. At this time, she tried on the wig, and the effect was very good. The very sheer lace makes it hard to tell that this is a wig.

The clip on human hair wig

At the same time, the blogger took out a bottle of edge control liquid to fix his original broken hair. After smoothing her hair, the blogger introduced this bottle of edge control presented by Hairvivi. She said she liked this product very much. At the same time, we can also see that the cap presented by the brand is also different from other brands. We can see that the color of this cap is more white, and it is also thinner. This also means that the hair cover has better air permeability, which will make the user feel comfortable. She cut a hole around the ear of the cap and trimmed the forehead to make the cap fit better. At the same time, she put the pointed part of the comb under the hair cap and smoothed the broken hair again. She said this was to protect her edge hair.

Now she's spraying glue to make the headgear and scalp a tighter fit. In the third part, she put on the wig and began to install it. Once again, we saw that the lace was perfectly integrated into her skin. I was once again shocked by this effect. This is a magical process. We can also see that the shape of this hairline is also very similar to that of a real person. This hairline is not a single curve like the ordinary pre-pulled hairline. This hairline has many different curvatures, very similar to the shape of a real hairline.

Then he started putting on the headgear after applying glue to her head. This effect is amazing. I even think that after cutting off the excess lace, you can go out directly without any extra adjustment. She then used a heated comb to create a mid-part haircut after cutting off the excess lace on the ear. We can see that after the hair has been combed, there are still some raised hairs. The texture of the hair is not over the top, which I think is the only downside of this product. It wasn't until the blogger put some cream on the hair that it started to feel soft. Then the blogger started cutting off the excess lace in the front.

When she was halfway through the cut, he was blown away by the effect of the lace. She said that she had worked with XRSBEAUTY on a lot of videos and especially liked XRSBEAUTY's products, but relatively speaking, she prefers this Hairvivi product. She even wondered if Hairvivi used a different technique to make a different kind of lace and hairline. Then, she started using tweezers to rip the excess glue off her forehead. We can see from the hair seam that the floating button of this product is also very well done, and the middle seam of the scalp is very natural. Then she put on a bandage on his hair to make the lace edge fit tighter.

Youtuber: arnellarmon

When she took the bandages off, she made baby hair, which made the edges more natural. By the time the video got here, I was going to experience this effect, it is an amazing product. This hair is like her own hair, very natural and real. Then this blogger filmed a vlog that went out at night, and the effect on the street was great. At the end of the video, the Youtuber tied a ball head, we can see that the hair is very textured, and the color of the hair is very attractive, like a black pearl. I was enchanted by this silky texture. The blogger also said that she likes Hairvivi's products very much, and she will spend money on Hairvivi's products later.

Credit to: arnellarmon's video

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