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Whole Processing For Lace Wig

Whole Processing For Lace Wig

Hair is the raw material for making wigs: it can be divided into two types: human hair and chemical fiber. The price of human hair is expensive, but its effect is the best. Most of the popular wigs in the domestic market are made of chemical fiber raw silk. There are many varieties of chemical fiber silk. The chemical fiber silk for domestic wigs is generally divided into domestic silk, Korean silk, and Japanese silk. The gloss, feel, elasticity, thickness, and durability of different hair are different. Of course, their Prices are also very different.

The first process of making a wig is cutting: cutting is to cut the long hair into the required length of the wig.

2. Whole hair (pulling): Both ends of the hair from cutting are aligned. The whole hair (pulling) is to put it on the iron comb to mix the natural range and standard length. If it is mixed color, it is also determined by This process is completed, the usual dark brown is 2/33 color, that is, the hair of No. 2 and No. 33 are mixed, and the color mixing should be uniform, so that the color will be natural.

3. Measurement: Each wig has a specified weight. The measurement is to measure the specified hair weight according to the instructions on the wig design, and then tie it with a rubber band for use.

4. Arranging: The hair-arranging machine (as shown in the figure) generally has three heads and a glue box. The measured hair strands are arranged into a hair curtain through the hair-arranging machine, and finally passed through the rubber wheel (that is, the arranged hair Roll the curtain with a layer of wig special glue), so the hair curtain is very strong, and the wig will not lose hair.

5. Curtain cutting: The arranged hair curtains are all very long, which will affect the operation of the next shaping process. Therefore, cutting curtains is to cut the long hair curtains to a length that does not exceed the length of the shaping aluminum tube.

6 Post-treatment: The hair was taken out directly from the carton before. The post-treatment is to wash the hair and soak it in a special wig care solution for 15 minutes to get a good silky feel. Then Dehydrate the water.

7 Modeling: After cleaning and treating the hair with a good handle, it can be modeled. The modeling tools required are different according to the style of the wig. Generally, aluminum tubes are used, and the aluminum tubes are large or small. Make wigs of different sizes and curves.

8. Styling: Why the curvature of the wig is not easy to deform, that is the credit of this process. Styling is to put the shaped wig into a high temperature oven, adjust the temperature suitable for hair styling, and set it. The time required for setting is different depending on the degree of curling. Generally, 60-80 minutes is OK.

9: Fake skin: Fake skin is called scalp, also known as artificial skin. Its color and texture are very close to human skin. High-quality wigs will have scalp attached (special fluffy wigs do not need scalp), this kind of wig gives people visual The effect is more natural and realistic.

10. Gaozhen: Audience friends, please pay attention. From here, we can see the finished wig. The shaped hair curtain and the finished scalp need to be sewn on the wig net cap to be formed. Here we will use a high needle machine (as shown in the picture). This process is very important. When sewing It needs to be sewn exactly according to the design drawing, and high-quality wigs are also very demanding for the technicians who operate this process.

11. Wig net cap: It is an independent process, and this process is divided into many small processes. I won't go into details here. I will attach pictures for everyone to see.

12 Removing the cap: Let’s first look at the picture (the wig sewn with high needles), and then look back, there is a layer of plastic film inside, this plastic film needs to be removed, and this layer of film was added on the mesh cap before for the purpose of high needle seam This arc (that is, the head shape) can be maintained during the making, and now that it is sewn, it needs to be removed so that the wig will be fully breathable when wearing it.

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