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How to wash and care for wigs?

How to wash and care for wigs?

    When it comes to wigs, you want to make them look good. You probably already know that you need to clean and maintain them frequently. But you may be wondering how to do this, such as how often and how to choose maintenance products.
    To help you with the daily cleaning and maintenance of your wig at home, we've listed the do's and don'ts. From shampooing to conditioning and how to dry it, we'll cover it all.


    Should I wash my wig before wearing it?

    Different people have different opinions on this issue. Some people like to enjoy the freshness, so they choose to wear them directly. Others prefer their favorite shampoo smell, so they wash it off. However, this may shorten its useful life. Whether it is before or after cleaning, we need to maintain and clean up well.

    How often should I wash my wig?

    For this question, different people may have different choices. It depends on how often you wear the wig and the quality of the wig. If you wear a wig every day, you need to clean it up in time if your hair gets tangled or dry. If you don't wear it regularly, you can wash it once a week or two. Of course, the curvature and color of the wig will also affect its cleaning. If it is a darker wig, you can choose to wash it for a long time. If it is a natural color and a lighter color, it can be washed for a long time. In addition, it should be noted that if the hair is slightly curved, it may become straight after washing. This may require you to use a hot comb or curling iron, depending on you.


    How to clean wig?

    Now that you know how often to wash your wig, the next step is to know how to wash it. Here's a four-step cleaning routine with do's and don'ts. let's take a look.

    Step 1: Preparation before washing

    Before cleaning the wig, we first need to comb the hair. You can choose to use a small comb or your hands to separate the knotted hair. Then you can apply conditioner first to wet the wig first. After waiting for a while, we can clean up the wig. It should be noted that don't just throw it into the sink like you do laundry. Doing so will deform your wig and make it easier to lose hair.

  Step 2: Cleaning

    Next is the hair wash. When washing, whether it is long or short hair, it should be washed in the sink along the direction of the hair. It is best to wash with warm water, too hot or too cold will damage the wig. After soaking, apply the shampoo to the palm of your hand and onto the wig. Never wrap it in a pile for cleaning, and never put it in the washing machine.

   Step3: Shampoo

    When choosing a shampoo, it is best to choose a shampoo product that specializes in cleaning wigs. Because this can better prolong the service life of the wig, and it can also not hurt the wig. If not, it is also possible. But try not to use a lot of shampoo at once when washing. It can be used several times in small quantities for better cleaning. Then you can apply conditioner for hair care. It is worth noting that, do not rub hard, just wash gently.

    Step 4: Drying

    When all the cleaning steps are completed, it is the last step. How to make the wig dry, also needs to be used a lot. First, we need to put it on the wig stand, and then slowly dry the moisture with a towel. Try not to use hot appliances to dry the wig, it is best to air dry it naturally. Then you can choose the wig hairstyle you want, and the wig cleaning is complete.


    The above is all the wig cleaning and maintenance process, I hope you can treat your wig better. To make life more enjoyable, start caring for your hair now.
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