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How To Revive Your Human hair Wig

How To Revive Your Human hair Wig

    Getting a new human hair wig is exciting. However, without proper hair care, your beautiful human hair wig can start to dull and fade with the time. Whether you're using a real or synthetic wig, your wig may suffer from the same frizz and tangles if you don't care. If your human hair wig becomes frizzy or very tangled and you don't know what to do with it, don't throw it away! The big question is, how do you revive your human hair wig?


1.Washit with mild Shampoo

    After wearing the wig for a long time, you may find that it starts to look dry and frizzy. When this happens, washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner can be a good solution. We recommend that you also use a leave-in conditioner after (it acts as a detangling conditioner) to keep your hair manageable.


    To wash your human hair wig, first follow the first step of brushing off the wig. Next, fill the sink with warm water. Add some shampoo to the water and swirl it around. You will notice that the shampoo lathers when mixed with water. Now, dip the wig in the sink and massage the strands with your fingers. Focus more on tangled areas. Leave the wig in the water for up to 5 minutes. After that, rinse the wig with clean water. Then, apply conditioner to hair and leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse out the hair. Finally, use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb through the wig while applying leave-in conditioner to the hair.


2.Keep the wig Hydrated

    Human wigs are designed to look very natural, however, human hair wigs are different from our own hair. Wigs cannot get the natural oils or sebum from the scalp like natural hair. Therefore, wigs are more prone to tangles and curls if they are not kept hydrated and nourished. If you wear a human hair wig every day, it is more recommended that you keep it moist and in good condition.


    So, what is the solution to this problem? The most important step here is keeping your wig hydrated. So be sure to apply a leave-in conditioner or oil to your wig frequently and take the time to deeply condition it when you wash it. In addition to adding moisture to your hair, make sure to use a heat protectant on your wig and store it properly. Avoid sleeping with wigs on, especially when wet, as the high friction between the wig and the pillowcase can frizz and tangle your hair.


3.Trim the Affected Areas

    As a last resort for tangled or frizzy human hair wigs, you can have your stylist trim it to remove dry or affected areas. At the same time, you can also use scissors to trim damaged hair yourself. If there is no other way to fix a frizzy or torn wig, trimming and clipping the affected area is worth a try. Don't just throw away your wig before you try this step. You can trim it to your desired length and make your wig beautiful again.


4.Use Less Heat on it




    You can straighten your hair with a straightener like a barber's. Then use a comb to smooth it out to make it flat. Reduce the number of times you use blow dryers, hot rollers, flat irons, curling irons on human hair wigs. Heat can dry out hair strands and can cause tangles, frizz, or even breakage. When you must use a heat source, always use a heat protectant first. It is recommended to air dry your human hair wig instead of always blow drying it to keep it healthy.


5.General hair care

    By giving your human hair wig the proper hair care it needs, your wig will stay healthier and less likely to get tangled and dry. Taking care of your wig is more convenient than trying to restore it to its original state. When not using human hair wigs, please keep them properly. Store your wig safely in a place free of dust or dirt and out of the reach of children. And it's best not to throw your wig aside at will. When not wearing it, you can put it on a special wig model or in a sealed bag. If your wig does get tangled, it shouldn't be difficult to restore it to its original state by following the steps mentioned earlier. Just be sure to shampoo, comb, condition and style when necessary.

    We hope you enjoyed this article on effective ways to rejuvenate your human hair wig. These tips are for dry or tangled hair. Other than that, it is recommended that you take good care of your human hair wig and keep it in good condition. This is the best way to keep your hair safe.


    If you've ever had a tangled wig restored in the comments section, feel free to leave a comment below!
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