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How to Choose A Beginner Friendly Wig

How to Choose A Beginner Friendly Wig

The best wigs for beginners are those that are seamless and easy to wear. Unless someone is used to using and styling, or if they have such a busy lifestyle, of course, there are many more answers than I have listed, but from all the answers we can see that the main points of wigs for beginners are:


A lot of people don't like to use glue because they don't want to lose their edge.
Too much glue is often applied to the hairline when we are new to wigs.
The glueless hat has an adjustable strap with some combs or clips sewn into it to help the wig stay in place and flatten the hairline, so we can wear it without using glue. This saves a lot of time for wearing the wig and also makes the whole wearing process easier. 

(2) With Elastic Band

Adding an elastic band to the glueless cap helps to better secure the wig and flatten the hairline. This is very important because glueless wigs are not as strong as glued wigs. However, glue wigs will corrode people's scalps and have a great impact on people's health. So glue-free wigs need to have an extra elastic band to help fix the wig on the scalp. This will make the wig very strong and prevent the glue from corroding the scalp.

(3) A cheaper closure cap instead of a front cap

The lace closure allows you to freely part your hair in the lace area and the lace forehead not only helps to create natural split ends but also helps to create a natural hairline. Obviously, lace fronts are better than lace closures, but their advantages are also clear. They have a more natural hairline, which makes it hard to recognize a wig.

First, it takes longer to wear a lace closure. For those who only wear wigs at work or in class, time is precious. Generally speaking, they don't have too much energy and time in wearing wigs. Second, for the same parting inches, the lace front is larger in size than the lace closure, which means it requires more hair and hand knotting work. For this reason, lace fronts are usually more expensive than lace closures. Therefore, lace front wigs are more expensive than lace closed wigs. But the extra premium is well worth it.

(4) Bleach knots 

The hair knots of wigs are formed by tying the hair to the lace. Without bleaching the knots, people can clearly see a lot of black knots on the scalp, which is very unnatural. Bleaching hair knots is the process of bleaching hair knots to a color close to that of the scalp so that they will look natural. Especially the knots at the hairline, after bleaching and matching with nano lace, the wig will be completely integrated into the skin.

(5) Pre-plucked the hairline 

Pre-pulling the hairline is also very important, and the hairline without pre-pulling is very abrupt. As we all know, the human hairline has a gradual process. Pre-pulling hairlines simulate the process of growing real human hair. Malindahair uses AI technology to simulate the human hairline to make wigs called bionic hairlines.


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