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How To Bleach Knots on Wigs

How To Bleach Knots on Wigs

Wigs have become a necessity in daily life, and more and more people wear wigs. People expect the hairline of a wig to look as natural as a bionic hairline, and also want other details to look like real hair. So, do you know how to bleach a wig? In this article, we summarized four points to note.

Step 1 - Prepare The Lace Wig

Get your lace wig ready before you start making the bleach mixture. Make sure the lace wig fits snugly against the mannequin's head. Or, if you don't have one, attach it to anything with a soft surface, like a foam head. Also pay attention to the baby hair on the wig. When you bleach the knots on your wig, be sure to cut them off. Otherwise, they may be bleached along with the knot.
Then, after attaching the lace wig properly, start spraying the roots with water. If water leaks or runs to the roots of your hair, the water will protect the roots from bleach.
Bleach knots

Step 2 - Prepare the Bleach Mixture

Before you start mixing bleach, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from harmful chemicals. When wearing gloves, use hair bleach and a professional developer. Check out the instructions for how much to put in the making mixture. If no measurements are shown, follow the general rule of 1:1 scale. Mix them well. You'll know if the two ingredients are well mixed when the consistency of the mixture is very thick. If it's still a little runny or watery, keep stirring until you get the desired consistency.

Note: Do not bleach the knots on the wig while the mixture is still runny. It just steeps up to the root of the wig and could damage it.

how to bleach knots on wig

Step 3 - Lightly bleach the knots on the wig

When you bleach the knots on your wig, be sure to apply it to the front hairline. Gently brush the mixture into the knot so it doesn't seep into the roots.


Cover the bleached knots with aluminum foil and let stand for 30 minutes. But check your hair from time to time, as some wigs can be bleached in as little as 15 minutes. You have to keep track of the time to avoid over-bleaching the knot.


Step 4 - Rinse and wash bleached knots

After bleaching the knots on the wig and achieving the desired color, rinse regularly. Next, use a purple shampoo to remove chemicals and adjust bleach knots. Once done, rinse again and apply conditioner to wig for 3 minutes. This will soften the hair and make sure it doesn't dry out. Rinse afterwards. Remember that lace wigs should not be dried with a blow dryer as they can damage the wig. Instead, squeeze your hair lightly to remove excess moisture. You can also wipe off any remaining water with a towel.
bleach konts on wig
Afterwards, you can hang the wig to dry naturally, but do not place the wig in direct sunlight, as too much sun exposure can also damage the wig.


We hope you can have a more detailed understanding of wigs after reading this article, and can also be more interested in wigs. If you need high quality and beautiful wigs, please click to unlock more innovative styles. We are committed to creating a light, transparent and firm nano-lace and natural bionic hairline, hoping to bring you a better experience.

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