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7 Tips to Help Protect Your Scalp When Wearing a Wig

7 Tips to Help Protect Your Scalp When Wearing a Wig

If you regularly use lace front wigs, there are a few things you should know to prevent damage to your hair system, hairline, and scalp. Follow this step by step guide to avoid serious hair loss or even baldness problems.

1. When wearing a lace wig, be sure to tie your unnatural hair in a ponytail or hold it in a bobby pin so that the lace can be clearly seen while applying adhesive, preventing it from getting close to your eyes, face, or anywhere else.

2. If using or changing the adhesive brand, do a quick skin test. Apply a little adhesive to one side of your wrist, cover it with plastic or any clear plastic wrap, and wait 24 to 48 hours to prevent any allergic reactions. Once nothing happens, continue using it.

3.Most wig users may not know this, but be sure to remove your lace wig from back to front. Removing it from the front may cause unnecessary pain and pull on the hair, leading to hair and scalp damage.

4.Patience is a virtue. Doing a few unnatural hair care steps can be a bit of a hassle, leaving you prone to pulling hair out of your scalp. You can't do that. Take time and patience in the process. Remember, you have to spend a dime on your hair system, and you don't want an extra dime to treat your damaged hair and scalp because of your impatience.

5.Removing a pre-lace wig can be exhausting, making most people skip the most important step of all -- cleansing the skin after removing unnatural hair. This is a must, once you get rid of your hair system, you have to clean your skin of any glue or dirt remaining on your skin. You can either use a warm, wet towel or take a long, hot bath. This is yours.

6.Don't just settle for cleansing your skin. Wash your unnatural hair, too. You'll need it from time to time, which means it has sweat stains or dirt in the middle. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and use plenty of conditioner to keep your hair beautiful.

7.Preserve your hair system properly or it will be useless to follow this guide. Air dry and place in wig holder. To prevent tangled ends, you can comb the wig nicely with a wide-toothed comb. Want an extra warning? Cover it with plastic or a hairnet, whatever suits you.



You can always use the hair system to remove if all these hacks feel too much without alcohol before removing the lace glue. After all, it is very convenient and quick to complete. But keep in mind that using these removers can damage your scalp and hair system, so it's safer to use these methods to remove pre-lace wigs without alcohol.

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