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Review the Video of Arnellarmon Curly Wig Install

Review the Video of Arnellarmon Curly Wig Install

Today, let us review on this curly wig installed  by Arnellarmon

First of all, the YouTuber showed the box of XRSBEAUTY at the beginning, which is an orange box with bronzing fonts on it, and the whole package is very high-end. The blogger then showed the label of the product, which was a 22-inch curly wig with a 200% density. Then the YouTuber took out three samples of lace for comparison. The three pieces of lace are transparent lace, clear lace, and brown lace. She matched the lace to the skin of her fingers for contrast. We can see that clear lace has a better effect of blending into the skin as if it disappeared. The YouTuber then started showing the gifts in the box, first a pack of blue curling irons, then a wig cap, a comb, two clips, and ties.

The YouTuber then started showing the inner lining of the wig. We can see that the inside of the lining is very finely crafted, and then he attached the wig's hairline to the skin of the arm. We see that the lace blends perfectly into the skin. Through the lace, we can clearly see the tattoo on the blogger's arm. The blogger shows three clips on the inner lining. She said she would cut the clips on the sides because it was redundant and she didn't need the clips on the sides to hold the wig.


The YouTuber put on hair caps and cut the caps around the ears. Then she put on a wig, and we can see that the lace invisible effect of this wig is not ideal, and there are still certain traces. This may have something to do with the lighting the blogger shot. Then she took off her wig, sprayed it with glue, and applied foundation after drying the glue with a hair dryer. This can make the bottom lace look better after wearing the wig. She cut off the excess cap and wiped off the excess glue with alcohol. This cleaning will make the entire hairline clearer.


Then the blogger smeared the glue and started wearing the wig. Then she started to introduce the brand. She said that the products of this brand are very good, and she guarantees that if the audience places an order, the wig they get will be exactly the same as the wig she showed in the video. XRSBEAUTY is what he thinks is the top 3 wig brand.

She put on a wig and trimmed the excess lace on the sides. She complained that it was a complicated step, either too much or too little. Then she put some essential oil on her hair and combed her hair. Curly wigs suddenly became extra bloated. YouTuber are now using hot combs and mousse to keep their hair done. Repeat this process several times before the hair is finally flattened.


Then she removed the excess lace in the front. We can see that the effect of lace blending into the skin is still very good at this step. It was almost impossible to tell that it was a wig, which really shocked me. After wearing it, the blogger said that she really liked the wig very much, and the wig looked very natural. And she said that this time she doesn't want to do baby hair, because this hairline is very natural, and there is no need to use baby hair to cover it up.


But in order to make this tutorial more complete, she said she would make baby hair to show everyone. She used a small comb to remove a small section of hair, straightened the section with a hot comb, then cut the bottom hair and made baby hair. At this point, the wearing of the wig is over. "It's so natural, I love it so much, I look so pretty," she said.


Then she smeared the parted gaps of her hair with a little liquid foundation, which made the background color of the gaps in the hair extraordinarily natural. I personally think this is also to make up for the lack of floating buckles in the hair knot. From here, the whole picture becomes very perfect. She stood up and posed for a few poses, and her hair was also very shiny and soft.



She said: "This is a very suitable hair for beginners, and the installation is very simple." She repeated again: "There are many brands that send products to KOLs that are not the same as the products for customers, and they use good products to promote, and then send customers ordinary quality products, but this brand will not, which is why I like this brand so much.”

Credit to Arnellarmon

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