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Wig Trade In

Have you ever thrown away your wig? Throwing away your wig for nothing? From today, malindahair wigs can be recycled.

We will recycle all the wigs you buy from malindahair. After professional appraisal, we will give you a reasonable price. According to the appraisal price, you can exchange coupons of the same amount, which are only limited to the wigs purchased by malindahair.  

Why does Malindahair do wig recycling?

Wig recycling is an environmentally friendly action. Usually our hair is thrown away in a bag with a closed top, it's not exposed to light and oxygen and everything it needs to decompose, so not only does it not really biodegrade, it actually releases methane . However, wigs can be repaired and given to people who need wigs through non-profit organizations, and wigs have a wide range of uses and scenarios. Malindahair will invest more energy and budget in the wig recycling project every year in order to allow children who need wigs to have hair, in order to use the ingredients in wigs, in order to protect the environment and let more people participate in wig recycling.

How to recycle your wig?

Gone are the days when wigs have been treated and washed again and again and still don't look good, and spending more money or resources on them is just a waste.
To recycle your wig, send it to a company called The Wig Station, a partner of Malindahair. Where your human hair wigs are screened and repaired, they will be given to those who need your hair, and the hair that cannot be repaired will be used for other purposes.

Here are some uses for recycled wigs:

1. Human hair is a versatile material with great potential in many fields such as agriculture, medical care, building materials and pollution control. So recycling your human hair wig is never the wrong decision.

2. Use it as fertilizer or household use. As a potential material resource, human hair has the advantages of being completely biodegradable, renewable and available everywhere. Certain communities in China and India have been using human hair to make fertilizer, while certain communities in the United States and Japan have been using hair to make ropes for things like horse riding.

3. Use it as a tester. Human hair can also be used as a test material for hair care products for cosmetic brushes, oil-water separation and oil spill repair. If you're looking to dye your hair at home, this could be the perfect dummy for you!

There are many different uses for recycled human hair, the list goes on and on. So instead of letting those once-beautiful locks go to waste, recycle it so it can reach its full potential.

If you're wondering where you can send your faux fakes for recycling, read on to find out how.

This is where your fakes are sent for recycling
If the recycle bins we work with are located farther away, you can send fakes to those locations. We will also give you the same appraisal and price. Here are some websites that will give you more information on how and where to recycle.
In some areas there are wig banks that collect used wigs to donate to those in need. All you have to do is pack the spare wig you have and send it to them.

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