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What is nano lace wig?

Nano lace is different from traditional transparent lace and high-definition lace, it is a new type of textile technology. The traditional transparent lace mesh cap is 64# mesh, which is a pure Swiss imported mesh cap. The nano lace is made by a special process. According to the problems encountered in the process of wearing the wig, the focus is on research and development to solve 7 pain points:

1. Lace is stiff and uncomfortable to wear;

2. The thickness of lace needs more glue to adhere to the skin,

3. The lace is not high-definition enough to be integrated into the skin.

4. The lace has poor toughness and is easy to be damaged.

5. The contact position between the hair and the lace is too large and not realistic

6. Dry and knot the hair after wearing

7. Lace has a poor air permeability

Nano lace technology is to make the lace have nanoholes through a precise process, and then soak the lace in the nutrient solution, and lock the nutrient solution in the tiny nanoholes. The nutrient solution in the cavity can stay in the lace for a long time because it is a Nano-sized hole, the evaporation time of the nutrient solution is very slow, which is the core technology of nano. This technology is the result of 5 years of research and development in Maindahair's wig factory with 20 years of production experience.


Nano lace is an upgraded version of high-definition lace, which has a more transparent effect than ordinary lace. Regular lace can be seen on the skin, but when you put nano lace on the skin, you can barely see it. It completely blends into the skin, and the breathability is much better than ordinary lace. Because the nano lace is softer, the bond with the hair knot is stronger. Compared with ordinary lace, the hair on nano lace is more difficult to fall off, and the service life is much longer than that of traditional lace.

Nano lace also uses invisble knot technology to hide the knot where the hair contacts the lace, making it look more realistic after wearing it.

Nano lace has the characteristics of retaining water to be silky. Nano lace locks the nutrient solution in the lace through special technology. By absorbing the nutrient solution from the lace, the hair can maintain long-term tenderness and skin-friendly.

Nano lace has the characteristics of durable skinlike, also because of the nutrient solution of lace, because it is the pores of nano, the market for moisture drying is very long, and nano will maintain long-term toughness.

Nano lace

There are many Nano-sized holes on the Nano lace, which can ensure better ventilation of the lace.


Bionic hairline The bionic hairline adopts bionic technology. Scientists have collected thousands of young girls' hairline sample models, and finally generated the template of this hairline through artificial intelligence technology. This is no longer an ordinary pre-plucked technique, this is a template based on a real mannequin. It completely simulates the growth of the human hairline during adolescence, which makes the hairline more realistic and natural, because it is exactly the same as the real hairline of most girls in the experimental sample. This makes your hairline look more natural as if it just grew out of your skin. So we named it bionic hairline.

Compared with traditional pre-plucked, the simulation of the bionic hairline is higher. The traditional pre-plucked will only pull out a part of the hair within 1 cm range of the original hairline, but the technique of bionic hairline is to have a hairline transition area of ​​​​about 3 cm. And the bionic hairline is not a casual pre-plucked but looks as heart-shaped as the real hairline.

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