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Track Order Guide

1、Why haven't I received my parcel yet?

Once the parcel has been shipped. We will post the tracking number on the website.You can check the status.If not,you can send us a e-mail. Our colleague will answer you.

2、Where is my order? Can I have a tracking number?

Generally, we will ship out your order within 24 hours.Once the parcel has been shipped, we will post the tracking number on the website and to your email. You can check the status.If not,you can send us an Email. Our colleague will help you. Or you can check your order on this tracking:

3、Why did I purchased two or there items in my order, but only 1pc is displayed in the shipment status?

We ship all 2/3 items of your order in one parcel, so the shipment only displays 1pc. That doesn't mean only 1 item in your parcel.Please don't worry.

4、Why is my order always at the pending status?

If you paid your order via PayPal and used E-check, then your order will be at pending status until your payment is cleared. So you need to clear the payment on PayPal at ASAP, then we can ship your order soon.

5、Why there is no gifts in my order details?

We will ship you the free gift,but it would not showed on the page.

6、Why is the shipment status of my order showing an abnormality or pending?

If it shows abnormality or pending in short time, that maybe normal transport state. If it lasts a long time( over 1 day), you can call the DHL/FedEx/UPS to ask about what is going on about it.Or you can send us the Email to , we will help you out.

7、If I'm not at home, how can I sign for my package? Can I have a delivery service without signature?

Yes, you can. You can leave a note in your order, or call DHL/FedEx/UPS to apply the service. After you applied the service without signature,if the package is lost or stolen, we do not take any responsibility.

8、Why the shipment status shows that I have signed. But I did not receive the parcel yet.

Once that happens, it means someone has signed the package for you. It may be your neighbor or family and friends. Please confirm it first. If not, please contact us.

9、When can I receive my order?

Normally, your order can delivery within 2-4 business days, if weekend or holiday or Customized wig,it maybe have a 2-4days delay. If want to track order status, please go to this page:


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