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The dollar has been around since the 1990s, and in 2019-2022 it's back in popularity thanks to social media influencers and fashion icons. There's a lot to love about money pieces, as this coloring technique is so versatile that it complements all hair textures and lengths. Focused only around the hairline, the color can brighten your look, lighten your hair, and create a face-framing effect that attracts the attention of professional appreciators. It can be a high-contrast finish or a subtle yet perfect finish for everyday use, giving you a sun-kissed sheen. You can also experiment with different colors, from natural to bold and bright shades that require attention. If you want an affordable and fun way to add color to your hair with minimal effort but maximal style, try these money-making hair ideas.

Red hair with coins

Money pieces are a great option to grab attention and accentuate your features. It's very flattering, looks great on everyone, and works on all hair colors. If you have fiery red hair, you can create a bold contrast by opting for gold coins, or you can go for something more subtle by using orange or copper tones for a more similar look. The appeal of the money piece is that it is affordable and low-maintenance, but at the same time creates a gorgeous finish that adorns the face.

malindahair ginger orange money piece hair wig

Copper hair with golden coins

Copper is the perfect mix of bronze and red tones, making hair color rich and warm. This is a bold and bright faux shade that complements blond hair and can tone down the copper to make it easier to wear. Concentrating the blonde around the hairline and highlighting the face with a buck is a great way to combine the two shades. The result will be more contrast than adding blond pieces all over the hair. This is a great option for drawing attention to the face. It's a technique that complements all hair textures and lengths and looks great on everyone; allowing you to update your hair with minimal effort but maximal style.

copper hair with golden coins

Short hair coin

The highlight of the money piece is flattering and versatile, just what you've been looking for on your next trip to the salon. They look gorgeous on women of all ages and complement all hair lengths and textures, including short haircuts. The coloring technique is easy to implement and affordable, and since it focuses the color around the hairline, you don't need long hair to show it off. You can create a high-contrast look by choosing bright and bold coins. Or choose a highlight color that is one or two shades lighter than your natural hair, and choose clothes that are easier to wear.

short money piece hair wig

Coins for medium length hair

Medium length hair is very versatile because you have enough length to style it however you want, but not so long that it requires high maintenance. Money pieces look great on this hair length, and the coloring technique is a great way to lighten hair and brighten the look. Add a warm caramel hue to dark hair for a sun-kissed sheen. Or try platinum on dark hair for an attention-getting look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Concentrating the color around the hairline is very flattering and will accentuate your beautiful face.

body wave money piece hair wig

Brunette-haired money piece

Dark brown hair is a beautiful and versatile color that can be adjusted to your liking. If you want to change your look and brighten your hair, then trying coins is a great option. There are a variety of shades to choose from, depending on how much contrast you want to achieve; to accentuate the look, you can go for a light gold, but caramel or light brown is perfect for something more subtle and easier to wear. Money pieces will add color to the hairline for an incredibly flattering face-framing effect.

brunette-haired money piece



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